Dolls for Daughters Luncheon: January 22, 2015

On a sunny Thursday in January, dozens of people gathered in the small, yet exquisite ballroom at the Wellshire Event Center in Denver.  The general census consisted of people all at different stages of life, coming together to enrich a room of comfortable elegance with love and laughter.  Everyone at the Dolls for Daughters Luncheon on January 22 portrayed various backgrounds, but all had one trait in common: a big heart.

Kyle Bachus, husband to founder Jessica Bachus, kicked off the event with an introduction to the organization.  Those new to Dolls for Daughters heard the Bachus’ personal testimony of losing their daughter, Kenzi, a stillbrith; a traumatic event that rocked their lives.  However, their story does not end there.  Jessica Bachus went on to create Dolls for Daughters, along with programs Kenzi’s Kidz and Toys for Boys.  Since 2007, they have managed to give away more than 87,000 toys to children just desperate for a smile.  They hold annual toy shops for families in need, as well as help certain families as much as they possibly can.  The organization has transformed lives.

As lunch was served, members stood up and mingled around the tables.  Business cards were handed out left and right as people everywhere showed their interests in helping the community.  Some already ran organizations, some were looking to join.  Table conversations were bright and full of laughter, mainly centering on the beauty of Dolls for Daughters.  Laura Bean, who does stylish online marketing for the organization, said simply, “Dolls for Daughters has inspired me to do more and get involved.  I do whatever I can to give back.”  Another luncheon member, Lisa Smith, stated, “Dolls for Daughters is consistently impressive.  The way that it’s grown, Jessica’s commitment…the momentum.  It makes everyone more mindful of their community and their dreams.” 

After lunch, two recipients of Kenzi’s Kidz made speeches on the impact Jessica Bachus has had in their lives.  As Jessica stood at the podium with them, all three women were reduced to tears, and tight hugs were exchanged.  Marcellina Rosales, Kenzi’s Kidz recipient from 2010, highlighted Jessica’s dedication by saying, “everything that we had asked for, Jessica delivered.  She provided us with beautiful memories.  And Jessica has not forgotten about us.”  She went on to explain that time to time, Jessica calls in on their family to see how they are doing.

As Jessica approached the microphone to speak, it was difficult not to be in awe of this loving, strong woman who has overcome her biggest challenge by focusing her heart on others.  Jessica spoke on the organization, and how much it has meant to her family.  Her words strung along a delicate balance of graceful and determined.  Although at times it seemed difficult to talk about Kenzi, every word was loud, clear, and poignant.  To close, Jessica gave her audience a bright smile and said, “We are so blessed that Kenzi inspired us to do this, and that from the worst day of my life, something beautiful has happened.” 

Kenzi Bachus would have turned eight years old on January 23, the day after the luncheon.  Her radiant legacy lives on every day through Dolls for Daughters, touching myriad hearts and changing lives.

Photos by KB Digital Designs