Packz 4 Kidz

Providing underprivileged children with the necessary school supplies they need to succeed

Back to School Supply Drive

Every child deserves to feel prepared and confident walking into school. This donation-driven program aims to ensure that every child in Colorado receives the school supplies they need to succeed — inside and outside the classroom.

As a former public school teacher, Founder Jessica Bachus knows the impact not having school supplies can have on a child. They feel embarrassed, shy, and insecure compared to their peers.

With this program, a less fortunate child is given a brand new backpack filled with the school supplies specifically needed for their grade level.

When you donate to this cause, you’re investing into a child’s future and that in itself is priceless.

It’s more than just backpacks and school supplies.

It’s Hope Foundational Life Changing!

How you can help

Fund A Backpack

For just $50, you can sponsor one backpack stuffed with brand new school supplies for a child in need. 

Become A Sponsor

By sponsoring Packz 4 Kidz, you’re empowering children of all ages to feel more confident than ever walking into school. Unite your business with a mission that invests in the Colorado community.

Host A Backpack Drive

Be a part of a movement bigger than yourself. Collect new backpacks, water bottles, and lunchboxes with your family and friends by hosting your very own P4K Drive. 

Businesses that have our back.