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Colorado Holiday Toy Drive

Last year our annual holiday toy drive provided a new toy and more to 15,031 children in Colorado. Our annual Dolls for Daughters® and Toys for Boys® Toy Shops held the first Saturday in December, provided a big toy, small toy, and wooden toy car to children who would have otherwise gone without.

64.7% of the families served in 2019 had a household income of $20,000 or less a year.

It takes the resources and collective hearts of many and it takes support from wonderful people like you to carry out our mission to support underprivileged children and their families in Colorado by providing toys, food and more during the holidays.

Toy Drive Colorado
Served in 2019
Household Income > $20k/year
Single Parent Households
to be Served in 2020

How can you help support this cause!

Make A Donation

Make an impact on the lives of low-income children in Colorado through our Dolls for Daughters & Toys for Boys Program in December, by giving a one-time donation or becoming a monthly donor!Become A Donor »

Sponsor The Toy Shop

When you become a Toy Shop Sponsor, you provide smiles and joy to the less fortunate children of Colorado. You give them a chance to feel good about themselves and to look with hope toward their future.Become A Sponsor »

Donate Toy's

Help us by donating NEW toys for a boy or girl ages birth to 18. Drop toys at one of our drop-off locations. You can also host a Drive to help us collect toys.Drop-Off Locations »

Toy Shop Locations

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Holiday Toy Drive In Denver Colorado
Holiday Toy Drive In Colorado Springs
Holiday Toy Drive In Pueblo
Holiday Toy Drive In Longmont
Holiday Toy Drive In Fort Collins
Holiday Toy Drive In Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to participate, you MUST have a birth certificate for each of your children and you will be able to receive the items listed above for each child. Birth certificates from anywhere are accepted, you do not have to be a resident of Denver to receive services. We WILL NOT accept any other form of proof related to your child(ren). No social security cards, no school id’s, etc. You must have a birth certificate even if your child(ren) are in attendance. You must have a picture ID along with the birth certificates of their children to receive services. The ID can be a driver’s license, passport, ID card, etc but it MUST have the parents first and last name and photo on it. No exceptions will be made.

You will NOT be allowed to shop for anyone other than your child(ren).

A limited number of people will be allowed inside the toy shop at a time. Each household must also complete an anonymous survey that will be provided the day of the event. These surveys help us get funding for this event each year.

There is NO pre-registration for this event. Children do not need to attend and we encourage that you keep them home. 

No, the event is first come, first served. A completed survey will be required to enter the toy shop.

  • You will need to bring a birth certificate for each of your children. We WILL NOT accept any other form of proof related to your child(ren).
  • You must bring your picture ID along with the birth certificates of each child.  The ID can be a driver’s license, passport, ID card, etc but it MUST have the parents first and last name and photo on it.
  • We encourage you to bring a large, black lawn bag to take your toys home in or something that can help you transport your items from our venue to your vehicle.

No, you will NOT be allowed to shop for anyone other than your child(ren).

If you have legal custody of children that are not yours, you will need to bring documentation stating you have custody of the children. This can be on letterhead of a social service agency or state agency. It must state your name and the names of each of the children you have custody or guardianship for.
You MUST also bring your photo ID and their birth certificates.

Yes, you can if you have a copy of your marriage license and a copy of your spouse’s ID that is the parent of those children.

This event is open to anyone and we do not discriminate, however, everyone must wait their turn in line.

You need to wait in line and get your gifts before you can volunteer. Register for a later volunteer shift.

If you still have questions about this toy shop, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

See how we have grown

2011 Toy Shop Denver begain serving children

8,080 new toys were given to children in need because of Dolls for Daughters® and Kenzi’s Kidz. 7,343 new toys were given away at our 2nd Annual Dolls for Daughters® and Toys for Boys® Toy Shop on December 10, 2011.

2013 expanded into Weld County

We provide new toys to children served by Rocky Mountain Communities in Weld County only. We are looking for additional businesses to partner with to grow our impact in Weld County.

2014 expanded into Grand County

We have partnered with Powder Addiction to expand our reach. Mountain Family Center is the nonprofit we have partnered with in Grand County and children served by this agency will receive the new toys we collect this year.

2016 expanded into Fort Collins and Longmont

2017 expanded into Colorado Springs and Rifle

2018 expanded into Pueblo