Kristin Battenfield

Board President and Director

Board member since: 2017

Area of Expertise: Marketing/Advertising

Kristin’s toy story:

My entire childhood, I remember going to my grandparent’s house in Arizona once or twice a year and a colorful jester pull toy would be peeking around a corner waiting for my sister and I to play with it. We would fight over who got to pull it around the house first to make the loud “musical” noise on the hand-made xylophone. This toy was handmade by our mom’s cousin who is like an uncle to us…he is an accomplished artist in California now but some 40+  years ago he made this toy so that there was always something fun to play with that “lived” at our grandparent’s house.   

Fast forward to 2007 when my amazing 98 year old Grandfather was a few months from passing away: I went to Phoenix to visit him and one afternoon, when the great-grandchildren, five other cousins, and too many relatives to count had somehow disappeared from Grandpa’s assisted living apartment he looked at me and said “I want you to have The Toy”.  Yes, he still had it.  There at the assisted living complex, so when kids came to visit, the musical jester sat peeking around a potted plant on the floor.  He said that the jester belonged in my 130 year old house in Denver and he told me to put it in my bag before anyone else noticed.  It was my favorite toy then and it is, by far, one of my prized possessions now.

Kristin’s Professional Background:  

Kristin grew up in Nebraska and graduated with honors from Missouri State University. She moved to Denver in 1997 and has been in media and advertising for twenty years. After selling newspaper, outdoor advertising, TV and digital medias – Kristin opened her own marketing consulting firm in 2016.   KBat Communications specializes in media placement, digital strategies and non-profit consulting. Kristin has been involved in the Denver non-profit community for 12+ years.   She was a big sister at Big Brothers/Big Sisters, she volunteered for Komen Colorado for 3 years and she then served on the Komen Colorado Board of Directors for 5 years – along with 1 year as Board President.  Kristin has been a member of the Dolls for Daughters® board since early 2017 and is thrilled to be helping kids in the Colorado community.

Learn more about Kristin on her business website:

Becky Steffa

Board Vice President and Director

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Carly Lambert

Carly Lambert

Secretary and Director

Board member since: 2018
Area of expertise: Marketing

Carly Lambert is a graphic designer and marketing consultant in Denver, CO working both for 5280 Magazine and as a freelance consultant. Carly began her career early with the magazine as an intern while she was in school completing her undergraduate in Design Management. Over the years, Carly has grown along with the magazine through many roles and now serves as the Assistant Creative Director to the advertising and marketing arm of the company. A three-time Folio Design Award finalist, Carly has an extensive background and true passion for advertising design, event planning, and digital strategy.
Carly is a member of the Art Director’s Club Denver, Denver Ad Club, and AIGA. She is also actively involved in the youth design community as a lecture speaker and advisory committee member to the Colorado High School Press Association and Journalism Education Association. She is a sitting judge to Denver’s Paper Fashion Show supporting DAVA and actively volunteers as a reviewer for the One Club’s Annual Review.
Carly was first introduced to Dolls for Daughters® as a volunteer at the 2016 toy shop and immediately fell in love with the organization and its mission after meeting so many wonderful families and hearing their stories. Carly is very excited to join the board and is eager to help the organization in any way possible.
A Colorado native, Lambert lives in Denver with her husband. She loves anything outdoors, travel-related, or covered in cheese.

Carey Benson


Carey’s Toy Story:

As a child I was an avid reader and we always had books galore in the house. However, I was obsessed with horses as so many other young girls are and specifically with the Black Stallion by Walter Farley. I loved the idea of a horse running through the desert; wind in its mane and tail, and of course whipping my hair as I flew along with him on his back. The shiny jet-black coat and brilliant look in his eye as he floated across the sand effortlessly and gracefully is an image I will forever have in my mind.

Christmas is my favorite holiday; it’s full of family, amazing food, laughter, and of course, presents! My mom is Mrs. Clause on steroids and always makes Christmas special for everyone. It was during one of these amazing Christmas’s my family gave me Farley’s Black Stallion book and a Breyer model horse. I played with that horse everyday for way longer than I would like to admit and the cover of that book is worn and tattered and still sits in my bookshelf today. I also still have the horse, which also sits on a bookshelf reminding me to always dream and always remember to fly.

Carey’s Professional Background:

Carey grew up in the great state of Wyoming with our founder Jessica. They were friends since preschool and reconnected when Carey moved to Denver. Carey went to college at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and studied Psychology. She then attended Springfield College in Massachusetts for her Masters in Education of Athletic Counseling and Sport Psychology.

Carey worked for IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL for 7 years as a Mental Conditioning Coach until the mountains and seasons called her back west. She then worked for the University of Denver Athletic Department in their Student-Athlete Support Services department assisting student-athletes with life outside the playing arena.

While at DU she earned her MBA and decided to venture into the world of staffing where she currently works as a Staffing Executive for Robert Half’s Accountemps, recruiting and managing finance and accounting professionals.

When Carey reconnected with Jessica in 2012 she learned of Dolls for Daughters and felt compelled to volunteer right away not only to support her childhood friend, but also to give back to the Colorado community. As someone who has worked with children her entire adult life and LOVES Christmas (and the holidays in general) Carey is a believer in the mission of Kenzi’s Causes by helping underprivileged families and children, especially during the holidays!


Chad Brady


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Tonya Bradshaw


Board member since: 2016
Area of expertise: Finance

Tonya’s Gift story: My favorite Christmas gift when I was a kid was my first Cabbage Patch Doll. It was the preemie doll and I loved it! I bought real baby clothes and constantly played with it. Over the years, I got other Cabbage Patch Dolls but my first was always my favorite and brought me so much joy. 

Tonya’s Professional Background: Tonya is a Senior Financial Analyst for a large IT company. She’s always been a numbers person and has an eye for details. In her role, she has the opportunity to understand the numbers, improve processes and is counted on as a valuable team member.

Tonya attended the University of Wyoming where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Minor in Management. She has been a member of the Dolls for Daughters® board since 2016; however, she has been volunteering with the organization since 2010.
Learn more about Tonya on her LinkedIn page.

Erik Carruth


Board Member Since: 2018

Area of Expertise: Sales/Operations/Logistics

Erik’s Toy Story:

When I was growing up…as a normal little boy…toys did not last long as either they became buried/lost/destroyed…and not necessarily in that order. But…you were not a true kid in South Texas without your trustee Transformer action figure at your side. I remember fondly of staging wars with Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee against Luke Skywalker and Han Solo (Yes, it was not a fair fight)…but those toys and imagination helped make the great times even greater…and the not-so-great times pass by even faster. As I continued to get older, while the toys certainly changed from action figures…to bikes…etc., I never have forgotten those times when it was just me…a mound of dirt…and my toys.

Erik’s Background:

Coming from my hometown of Rockport, Texas….and learning early on that I had a small gift of being able to push people backwards in a little sport called Football, I attended college at Texas Tech University where along with playing football, I earned an undergraduate in Political Science. Upon continuing my post-graduate education in Business Administration/Marketing…I found my career home in the year 2000 with Safelite AutoGlass.

I began my career as an Account Manager building relationships with our clients in West Texas. After a few years, I moved with Safelite to Dallas-Fort Worth with a new leadership role as the Regional Sales Manager. Leading a team from 16 to 32 individuals across multiple states…I was offered an opportunity to re-locate with my family to the Great State of Colorado. Currently, I have the pleasure an honor working with outstanding/inspirational leaders and associates as the District Manager for Safelite AutoGlass in Denver.

Our purpose at Safelite is – “To Make a Difference, and Bring Unexpected Happiness to People’s Everyday Lives.” Being elected to the board for Dolls for Daughters® gives me and our organization the opportunity to really expand our purpose and work towards making a greater difference in our community.

Betsy Duffy


Board Member Since 2019
Area of Expertise: Sales/Media/Advertising
Betsy’s Toy Story:
When I was in third grade, my school sold stuffed animal puppets as a fundraiser.  While my brother opted for the exotic kangaroo, I settled in on a safer selection: a brown bear that I named Fuzzy.  He typically had expired dog tags around his neck, giving him an added layer of legitimacy and importance amongst the other toys in the house. He resided on one of my bed posts until my childhood home was sold seven years ago, at which point we were reunited here in Denver.  Now Fuzzy gets stroller rides from my three year old daughter, lucky guy!
Betsy’s Background:
I am originally from metro Detroit.  After graduating from The University of Michigan, I worked in media in Chicago.  During my second year there, I was staffed on a desk that had projects in Colorado.  This was a fateful assignment since I had skied out here while growing up and had always had a desire to live in Denver.  Ultimately, I was able to use connections and get a job selling media space in Denver.  In more recent years, my career has focused on selling large format print production: both as an individual contributor and as a sales manager.  As a 17 year resident, I now call Denver home.  For more information on my work history, please visit
Over the past few years, I have become involved with Kenzi’s Causes and seen the positive change this organization makes in our community here in CO.  I look forward to increasing this impact with the help of these inspiring board members, executive team and volunteers.

Youth Advisory Board Members


I am Raj, a fifth grader at Good Shepherd Catholic School. My favorite Christmas gift was probably my iPad. My favorite toys are my 5 Rubik’s Cubes. As I grow up so fast, I still can remember the time where I collected 716 pounds of food in school. I went to every classroom and told them about my drive. I was about 5 (a little younger) and in Kindergarten. I am new to the board, as of November 2017. I hope to continue to work with Dolls for Daughters® and Kenzi’s Kids for the rest of my life. I play football, tennis, a tiny bit of soccer every month (no league), and running. I adore Dolls for Daughters® and I am really excited for this year!

I have always loved American Girl dolls whether they were a lookalike or the “doll of the year” I had endless dress up clothes and my grandma even built a house set for them. When I was ten I was particularly obsessed with American Girl dolls and all I really wanted for Christmas that year was a curly haired, freckle faced, blue eyed lookalike doll. I hoped and hoped and hoped to walk down the stairs and see her waiting for me in her perfectly pristine outfit and there she was! I had the ability to create any scene with my dolls and give them a script to follow. I loved making little iMovies that showcased their “day to day lives” now that I think about it, maybe that’s what sparked my love for acting….
Bailey goes to school at Stanley BPS and enjoys participating in Language Arts and Social Studies, plays basketball on the school team and loves to act in the different school plays.
When I was just learning to talk (around 16 months), I told my parents that I wanted a stuffed animal as big as I was. After seeing my parents take care of me, I too wanted something to take care of. So when they came home one day with a big, brown stuffed dog, I was ecstatic. I shrieked in joy as I ran over to hug my friend. The dog who I eventually named Ralphy became my playmate. At night, when the sound of the AC frightened me out of my pants, I would hug and cuddle with him. To this day, he still sits on the edge of my bed and protects me. He still reminds me of how he was the first thing to give me the gift of friendship.
I am an 8th grader at Kend Denver School. I enjoy painting, skiing, laughing, and participate in Speech and Debate at school. Most of all, I love spending time with my family.

I have always loved soccer and wanted a pair of soccer cleats a new pair wether it was Nike or adidas or had a sleeve or not. I just really wanted a pair of soccer cleats. I play soccer in my house and outside but wanted a cool pair. I was obsessed with soccer and knew that that was what I wanted. I could barley sleep imagining if I would get them and what they would look like. Soon enough it was morning and walked down the stairs slowly and just hopped to see a pair of soccer cleats and sure enough when I got down the stairs and to the living room there they were. A nice pair of blue and whit pair of Nike soccer cleats. I lit up with happiness I ran over and put them on. That might be one of the reasons that I love soccer so much.

I am a sixth grader at Stanley BPS and enjoy math and gym and am on my school basketball team most of all I love seeing my family.