A relief program for the unreached families in the Colorado area

Nothing is out of reach when we come together.

The Kenzi’s Kidz Program

Established in 2010, Kenzi’s Kidz helps relieve the financial burdens of low-income families who are taking the necessary steps to create a stable environment for their children.

Each year, six families in need are welcomed into the program. These families are nominated by one of our nonprofit partners- Warren Village, Hope House of Colorado, Crossroads Safehouse, Rocky Mountain Communities, Joy House and Heart and Hand.

Over the course of one year, KKP assists in providing the children of these families with fundamental items to succeed: educational supplies, access to extracurricular activities, and gifts for birthdays and holidays. Parents also receive direct assistance through financial planning services: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification courses, car repairs, etc.

These services overcome a family’s financial constraints—helping them to increase the long-term stability of their household, and providing essential supplies and outlets for cognitive stimulation that would otherwise be unavailable. These services empower our fellow neighbors in need. People–families—that are no different from our own.

You don’t have to, we don’t have to, but here we are… choosing to.

Children Served
Familes Helped
Single Parent Homes
New Familes Helped In 2021

If giving is within your reach, will you lend your hand?


Make a Donation

Whether you feel an urgency to donate right now or you’d like to set up an on-going contribution with an amount of your choice, your donation will distribute throughout the program in a multitude of ways to better serve these families. Become A Donor »

Become a Miracle Maker

A $25 monthly donation commitment gives you the privilege to sponsor a child within our program. As a Miracle Maker, you will directly help and empower the parents to serve as the home makers that their children so desperately need. Become a Kenzi's Kidz Miracle Maker »

Sponsor a Family

If you help us build our full family sponsorships, our program could welcome more families per year. By sponsoring one Kenzi’s Kidz family, you are laying the foundation for a stable and happy future—and the value of happiness is beyond price. Become A Sponsor »

As a nonprofit organization, you have to get comfortable with asking people for money.
We ask with confidence because we can assure you where your money is going.

What we can’t afford is to continue to let families within our community go without this program.

Thank You to All our Kenzi’s Kidz Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time to qualify for the Kenzi’s Kidz Program, your family must be a client of Warren Village, Rocky Mountain Communities, Heart & Hand Center for Youth, Hope House of Colorado in Denver, Crossroads Safehouse in Fort Collins and nominated by a staff member. If you would like your agency to be considered for partnership, please email us using the form below.

If you represent a Colorado non-profit organization and would like to be a part of the Kenzi’s Kidz program in the future, please contact us.

In your email, please provide the non-profit’s name, EIN number, mission, a brief program description, description of families served by your organization, reason for your interest in Kenzi’s Kidz as well as your name, phone and email.

For $25 a month, you can sponsor a child and directly help give them, and their parents, a financial boost where it’s needed most, whether it’s a bus pass for a parent without a car (so they can get groceries and go to work) or a grocery card so the child is adequately fed.

We also help ensure kids aren’t losing out on other educational opportunities, so our monthly sponsorships also help pay for day passes at the children’s museum or science museum. 

We strongly believe that kids can’t be in front of a computer screen all day, and we’re doing our part to give them a balanced life, including monthly Kenzi’s Kidz (socially distanced) meetups in parks.

With your sponsorship, you also get, at minimum, a quarterly update on the child you’re sponsoring, including letters from them and specific details on how your money helped provide a necessity. Some of our families come from domestic violence shelters, and in these cases, we don’t provide the child’s name or details, to protect their safety. 

Join Kenzi’s Causes as we work to support low-income children and provide them with access to events, support, birthday gifts, backpacks full of school supplies, and a Christmas gift.

Become a Kenzi’s Kidz Miracle Maker for $25 a month and we will connect you to one of our Kenzi’s Kidz children.

What you will get from us for your monthly donation:

  • Knowing you are changing the life of a child in our program
  • Quarterly updates on the child you are sponsoring, if not more often
  • Ability to send letters to your child (send them to our office and we will pass them on)
  • Ensuring the child you support gets a $25 gift card for their birthday
  • Ensuring the child you support has a backpack full of new school supplies
  • Ensuring the child you support has a gift during the holidays

If you still have questions about Kenzi’s Kidz, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.