Erik Reynolds: May 2015’s DFD Volunteer Superstar

Several years ago, Erik Reynolds was invited to help out at Dolls for Daughters’ Annual Toy Shop where he was able to help parents pick out gifts to give to their children for Christmas. It was at this event that he truly realized the value and the impact that Dolls for Daughters has on the Colorado community.

For Erik, what is so significant about Dolls for Daughters is their concept and their cause. He loves that they are a non-political organization, just looking to serve their own community. There is no greater reward than the look on a mother’s face when the realization sets in that she will be able to give her child a Christmas present, or the surprise and joy on the children’s faces as their whole family is given a day at the zoo together.

It is that desire to help children in need that Erik claims matches so directly with his own values. As a father of five children of his own, he says “Kids in need are a sweet spot for me.” In fact, just this last December, 2014, Erik brought his whole family to the Dolls for Daughters Annual Toy Shop to help out. His kids served as “expert advisors” to those parents who needed a little assistance in picking out the perfect gifts. “My children will remember that experience throughout their lives,” says Erik, happily.

Essentially, events like this are special and memorable not only to the families that they help, but also to those people who volunteer, such as Erik’s children. That gift of building a foundation of compassion and goodwill within the next generation of adults, is just another amazing product that Dolls for Daughters is able to generate within its community. For Erik and his family, the desire to keep helping has been ignited. He hopes to continue “to add to those memorable experiences this year and each year in the future.”