Laura Bean: November 2014’s Dolls for Daughters Business Spotlight

Laura Bean has supported Dolls for Daughters for three years now and has helped the community really get running.  Her company, One Stop Operations, provides assistance to small businesses working to get on their feet.  So far, they have been able to help Dolls for Daughters with the behind-the-scenes business aspects.  Laura Bean met Jessica Bachus at a networking event, and the two organizations have been linked ever since. 

1. How did you first learn about Dolls for Daughters?

I first learned about Dolls for Daughters when I met Jessica at a Certus Networking event, and quickly aligned myself with her.  I knew immediately that this was a cause I would like to fully support.

2. Why did you decide to offer support to Dolls for Daughters?

I really wanted to help out in any way I could.  I volunteer from time to time at events at fundraisers for Dolls for Daughters, but I extremely enjoy donating my online marketing services to help them get the best online exposure for the organization. 

3. How long has your business supported Dolls for Daughters?  In what ways have you supported Dolls for Daughters?

We have been connected with Dolls for Daughters for the last three years.  Collectively, we provide social media marketing services, email marketing services, graphics design, and google ad campaign management.

4. What is your most memorable experience supporting Dolls for Daughters?

I would definitely have to say that volunteering for the Beer Run was immensely fun.  We poured and passed out hundreds of beers to the runners, and the run donated a large part of the proceeds to Dolls for Daughters.

5. Have you participated in any fundraising events that Dolls for Daughters has held?

As I said, I participated in the Beer Run, and I would absolutely participate in other events that Dolls for Daughters holds.

6. With so many organizations in need of support, what suggestions or advice do you have for other organizations? How might they choose an organization as well as decide the way(s) in which they will help?

Finding an organization that is local and close to you is a great reason to get involved.  That way, you are within close proximity and you can make sure you are making a difference in the community.  I think it is important to join a cause that is close to your heart, and support those who support you.  Jessica Bachus has been my BIGGEST supporter.  And who doesn’t love to put smiles on kids’ faces for Christmas??