Stephanie Konopelski: July’s DFD Volunteer Superstar

Stephanie KonopelskiAs a leading force behind her Mother-Daughter group, Stephanie Konopelski was seeking an organization that would help instill strong community bonds and values in her own daughters. While browsing through the Denver Post, Stephanie spotted an announcement for Dolls for Daughters, who was looking for volunteers for their upcoming Toy Shop.

Stephanie signed her group of 7 moms and 10 daughters up to help out, and that was the beginning of the incredible bond that was formed between these two groups. Since that day, the group volunteers at the Toy Shop every year. For the past 3 years, they look forward to their chance to see those happy faces, and the joy they feel as they are able to help these amazing families at the Holidays. Stephanie says that her favorite part of the day is “going through the toy line with a mom and helping her decide what to get for each of her children.”

Being able to help those who are less fortunate than she, while teaching her own daughters the great value in giving, is the gift that Stephanie gets from each Toy Shop. Watching her daughters as they help others and learn to truly understand what giving is all about is priceless.

There are so many out there who can use your help. Stephanie appeals to everyone to, “Find a list of organizations that need help and find what speaks to you.”