The Experience Pros Radio Show—Our September Business Spotlight

Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy of The Experience Pros Radio Show have been involved with Dolls for Daughters for about a year and a half. Eric now serves on DfD’s Board of Directors. We are so grateful to partner with The Experience Pros Radio Show to get the word out about Dolls for Daughters.

1. Why did you decide to offer support to Dolls for Daughters?

We gladly support Dolls For Daughters because we strongly believe in the good work that the organization is doing in the hearts and lives of so many families in need.

2. How long has your business supported Dolls for Daughters?

We became aware of DfD about two years ago, and I (Eric) joined the Board of Directors a little more than a year ago.

3. What is your most memorable experience supporting Dolls for Daughters?

There’s simply nothing quite like experiencing the big, Annual Toy Shop in December. People start lining up the day before, and literally thousands of people come through the doors with hearts filled with gratitude. It’s amazing.

4. Have you participated in any fundraising events that Dolls for Daughters has held?

Yes, several. We’ve helped promote and/or participated in every event for the last 18 months.

5. Have you or your staff volunteered at the Dolls for Daughters and Toys for Boys Toy Shop? If so what was your experience? 

Yes. It was simply amazing.  Something to look forward to every year.

6. With so many organizations in need of support, what suggestions or advice do you have for other organizations? How might they choose an organization as well as the way(s) in which they will help?

I think you’re asking how businesses might get involved – and how they choose which organizations to support. I think one selects organizations to support by a number of criteria:  How much of every dollar goes back to the “cause”, how many people are impacted by an organization’s efforts, and does the WHY of the business match the WHY of the organization?