This January we have a goal of raising $9,000 to celebrate Kenzi’s 9th birthday.

This January I wanted to find more joy in Kenzi’s birthday month than sorrow. I wanted to celebrate her and what she has inspired me to create.

In January 2015 we raised $7,002 to honor Kenzi’s 8th birthday. Please consider making a $9 donation on January 23rd to celebrate Kenzi’s birthday and help us impact the lives of more children in 2016.

Please consider making your $9 donation a reoccurring monthly donation. $9 changes the lives of 9 children at our toy shop each year. $9 means that 9 children will get a stocking or stocking stuffer. By the end of the year, with a monthly donation of $9, you will impact the lives of 108 children in December. Our goal is to serve more thank 6,000 children in the state in 2016.

Click Here, to make a donation in honor of Kenzi.