Tonya Bradshaw: September’s DFD Volunteer Superstar

Tonya Bradshaw first learned about Dolls for Daughters in 2009 when she was told Jessica’s story by a mutual friend. Tonya was immediately touched by Jessica’s story about her daughter Kenzi and the way she inspired Jessica to help others by creating Dolls for Daughters. She began supporting Dolls for Daughters right away from picking up donations, volunteering at the auctions and Toy Shops, participating in the bowling events, and helping to set up and prepare for the annual Toy Shop events.

Tonya tells us, “I chose to support Dolls for Daughters because I believe in the good that the organization does. It is easy and fun to support the organization in a variety of ways.” She still recalls her most memorable experience in supporting Dolls for Daughters: she was volunteering at the Toy Shop a few years ago, and witnessed a teenage boy trying to pick the gift he wanted for himself while also helping his little brother. The teenage boy found a ball cap that he really wanted. However, a few minutes later he came back and asked Tonya if he could give the ball cap back to her. He wanted to exchange his gift in so that his little brother could have a second gift instead. “It was so sweet to see him sacrifice his gift to make his little brother happy,” says Tonya.

Tonya believes it is so important to give back, and that Dolls for Daughters does that and more, by supporting underprivileged children and their families. Tonya’s words of wisdom “It’s important to find the organization whose mission is one that is also important to you.” She also thinks that everyone has their own special way to help support an organization. If you are better at providing manpower than requesting donations, look for volunteer opportunities where you can provide the needed manpower. There is no best way to help: help the way that feels best to you.