Ever been scrolling your newsfeed and see something that gives you one of life’s ah-ha moments? That’s what happened to Bree Ebbinghaus, Kind is the New Pretty founder. She came across a tweet from John Mayer that read, “If you’re pretty you’re pretty, but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just congratulations about your face.” This got Bree thinking about what it truly means to be pretty or beautiful.

She and her family have always practiced and believed in the merits of kindness and giving back to others. Kendall, Bree’s daughter, was born on September 11th. Due to this being a day associated with sadness across the nation, Bree and her family try to bring some sunshine to a dark day to celebrate. They do this by performing random acts of kindness. This has become a tradition for all birthdays in the Ebbinghaus household. Like the time they took coffee and bagels to the firehouse, brought sub sandwiches to the police department, or wrote thank you notes for the school custodian to name a few. Because of how rewarding Bree found giving back to others, she thought of how she could bring a touch of kindness to everyday life while encouraging others to do the same. Hence, the concept of Kind is the New Pretty was born.

Erich, Bree, and their three children are currently supporting Kenzi’s Causes as a family. Kenzi’s Causes gives back to families across Colorado through multiple events such as the Holiday Toy Shop and Packz 4 Kidz. They also sponsor families who are in need through their Kenzi’s Kidz Program. Kenzi’s Causes is our Featured Partner in Kind meaning a portion of every sale goes directly to them every month!

For more information about Kind is the New Pretty, please visit their website at: https://kindisthenewpretty.com/

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Alpine Bank, Member FDIC, is also an active member of the 28 Colorado communities we serve from Durango to Denver. We are excited to partner with Kenzi’s Causes which helps so many children and their families across Colorado. To us, strengthening our communities is our business. That’s why Alpine employees volunteered more 14,000 hours to support their communities last year and why the bank donated $3.7 million to Colorado nonprofits to help 500 programs reach 100,000 people statewide.

Alpine Bank is an independent, employee-owned bank, which has been helping build Colorado communities for 45 years. In a time of impersonal banking giants, Alpine Bank stands out as a full-service community bank with the personal touch–delivering the full range of personal, business, wealth management*, mortgage and electronic banking services.

Our customers tell us doing business with employees who actually own the bank makes all the difference. They cite our friendly service, flexibility in creating tailored solutions, timely local decision-making and a long-term commitment that means customer relationships with Alpine often span decades.

We call it the Alpine Way.

*Investment products are not FDIC insured. May lose value. No bank guarantee.

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McDonald’s restaurants in the area are proud to support Kenzis Causes and its toy shops as the holidays near. That’s why local owner/operators have donated 7,500 happy meal coupons for each child served during these events. McDonald’s is always interested in helping organizations in the community and the people who live in our neighborhoods. McDonald’s also has job openings currently at all local restaurants and encourage community members to apply.
McDonald’s is committed to being American’s best first job and McDonald’s local owner/operators are looking to fill both crew and manager positions. 
McDonald’s crew and managers are eligible for benefits including the free Archways to Opportunity program, which gives employees the opportunity to take FREE English-language classes, take FREE high school classes obtain a diploma and college tuition assistance. McDonald’s believes that education is the true game-changer and Archways to Opportunity provides tuition assistance to employees working at least 30 hours a week. 
Growth from within at McDonald’s is a hallmark of employment with nearly 30% of positions at company-owned restaurants being filled by internal promotions. McDonald’s is also proud to empower women, giving them the opportunity to grow and succeed, with women representing 7 out of 10 managers in company-owned restaurants. Benefits can also include a flexible schedule, discounted employee meals, uniforms, paid training, and the ability to move into management.
Applications are being accepted ONLINE at https://restaurantjobs.mcdonalds.com/
or interested candidates can come into their local McDonald’s to fill out an application. Local owner/operators will then contact candidates for interviews.
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Life can be tough, and no one knows this more than an underprivileged family. With the parents working long hours to bring in enough money to keep food on the table and clothes on the kids, the idea of having fun and splurging on extra activities is usually never considered. At Kenzi’s Kidz, we realize the benefits of fun, family activities. They bring joy and laughter into children’s and family’s lives and that is worth more money than we could ever give away. Through partnering with MOTH Contemporary Circus Center, we were able to provide three of our Kenzi’s Kidz families with an amazing, fun experience.

Kenzi's Kidz at MOTH Contemporary Circus Center img_20161001_125012398 img_20161001_125324504

MOTH Contemporary Circus Center is the premier circus and aerial training facility in Denver, designed specifically for professionally-minded circus artists. Through their Community Outreach program, they give underprivileged youth the opportunity to train, perform, and create with the MOTH coaches. Not only does this program give kids an incredible athletic experience, but it also helps them develop life skills such as confidence, team building, trust, and life-long friendships.



On October 1st, our seven kids and three adults were trained by MOTH Circus  coaches Deena and Stephen. They learned juggling, tightrope walking, fabric climbing, and jumping on the trampoline. The favorite event of the day: the trampoline by far! The MOTH Circus coaches were incredibly positive with the kids and really encouraged them to try out all the different activities. Not only was it fun to watch the kids have fun learning these acrobatic skills, but seeing them develop their confidence as they tried new things was purely rewarding.

img_20161001_134908162 img_20161001_134945184

I thank MOTH Contemporary Circus Center for the opportunity they provided to our three Kenzi’s Kidz families. This will definitely be an experience they will never forget. I’d also like to encourage you to learn more about MOTH Contemporary Circus Center. They provide an invaluable service to underprivileged kids and are still trying to meet their fundraising goal for 2016. Any support you can provide them would help them reach more kids throughout the Denver area and continue to allow them to offer this invaluable program.


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As much as I enjoy helping kids in the community, it gives me great pleasure to get others involved in the work as well!  When a local company decides to jump in and host an event that benefits Dolls for Daughters®, not only do I feel gratitude for the partnership, but I am proud that they are choosing to donate their time, money, or resources to help the community and kids around them.  Kendra Scott Jewelry in North Cherry Creek is one such business who has partnered with us to make a difference.

Last Thursday, August 11th, Kendra Scott hosted an event at her shop to raise funds for our Packz 4 Kidz program where we serve kids in our community by giving them new backpacks and supplies to get them set up for success.  25 supporters attended the event and through their purchases of Kendra Scott jewelry, helped us raise almost $600!  One of the highlights of the evening was the signature Dolls for Daughters® necklace that Kendra Scott designed specifically for us and the event!  (And yes, you can still purchase the signature piece!)

Dolls For Daughters Signature Piece

Some of the attendees were not familiar with Kendra Scott and were pleased to find the jewelry reasonably priced and perfectly fashionable!  Something to note, Kendra Scott will give you 50% off all purchases during your birthday month!  If that’s not a great birthday present, I don’t know what is.  If you do decide to stop in and shop, please let them know you heard of them through Dolls for Daughters®!


We are definitely looking forward to another partnership later in the year with Kendra Scott and we hope to see you there!


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Raising funds for a non-profit organization is constant and continual.  We could not do what we do without the help and assistance of our generous sponsors.  With their partnerships, we are able to throw galas and host events where we can raise awareness and funds to help the kids and families of Denver.

Today we highlight our sponsor ABdenver.

If you’ve never heard of ABdenver, it is definitely worth your time to check out their website, www.abdenver.com, to see the beautiful digital artwork they’ve created.  They are a Denver and Minneapolis based online advertising agency with a focus on creating brand advocates, “artfully.”  The gorgeous imagery and the smart layouts shown all over their website attest to this artful side!  Some of ABdenver’s “gold stars” include holding the all-time fundraising record for United Way in Minneapolis as well as the attendance record at the National Western Centennial.  We love working with people who have shown such dedication to their causes and interests!

ABdenver first heard about Dolls for Daughters® at our annual benefit a few years back.  They “felt the speakers had tremendous poise and spoke from the heard.  We sit through a lot of benefits and this one made me feel something.”  ABdenver says, “To quote the Little Prince, ‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.’  Dolls for Daughters® helps the heart to smile.  If that’s not an artful organizational quality, we don’t know what is.  We’re tickled, therefore, to be advocates.”

ABdenver has worked with many organizations such as libraries, special needs, United Way, and many other non-profits, helping them raise funds and awareness.  Dolls for Daughters® is the first organization they’ve worked with that is so focused on helping kids…”and joy.”  This year at our Annual Gala, ABdenver donated some “microchip cookies” for our schwag bags!  They had a table at our Auction and they commented:

“At the dinner three things stood out.

  1. The amount of the ask was appropriate.
  2. The live auction was not annoying, kinda folksy and even funny.
  3. It was timed just right and again, the main talk was very moving.

We will definitely do it again.”

And we’ll be honored to have them back!

We understand that there are many organizations which our sponsors could be a part of, ABdenver works with us because we align with their values.  In their own words, “The best partnerships are those that focus on helping the non-profit “get the word out” in what we might call an “invasive” fashion. You need a message that invades the public conscience and becomes hard to forget.  Some businesses support a charity to get their own name out there. Nothing wrong with that. It’s more fun to get the charity out there–in unorthodox ways. It can translate to real star power.”

It is truly an honor to have such amazing, like-minded businesses championing for us and our cause.  Sharing the vision of helping the kids and families in Denver allows our work together to be uplifting and prosperous for all involved.

We’d like to give another huge THANK YOU to ABdenver for being such amazing and generous sponsors.  We look forward to working with you more!

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BarryRogersBarry Rogers, with Pacific Office Automation (POA), was introduced to Dolls for Daughters® through a business alliance group event hosted by one of their major clients. Jessica Bachus shared the Dolls for Daughters® vision with POA that evening, and instantly a brainstormbegan brewing on how POA could help support Dolls for Daughters®.

Pacific Office Automation is committed to providing both business and community support in Colorado. Their goal is to create win-win relationships with their customers as well as their community. In their quest to support Dolls for Daughters® in any way they can, they donate both time and financial resources, so Dolls for Daughters® can in turn fulfill the needs of children and families who need their help.

Pacific Office’s tag line is “Problem Solved”, and that’s what they set out to do; in every setting. Whether it is in business, in their community or in a social setting, Barry and the folks at POA strive to provide solutions. They provide customized technology solutions specialized to a business’ needs, which include IT network services, software solutions, and document printing solutions.

They chose to support Dolls for Daughters® because it, “has an outward focus of giving back to the community and helping those in need of financial, emotional, and charitable support.” POA will be participating in the upcoming Dolls for Daughters® 5th Annual Scramble Golf Tournament, which they are also co-sponsoring. They also look forward to this year’s Dolls for Daughters® and Toys for Boys® Toy Shop, where they will be volunteering alongside “one of our delivery drivers who has an uncanny resemblance to a man in a sled that frequents homes around the world on Christmas Eve. I believe he will be at the Toy Shop to greet children and families this year.”

Barry tells us that when he is choosing which organizations to support, he looks for like-minded organizations that are looking to have a positive impact in the community and do so in a selfless, outward-focused fashion. “This is what we see in Dolls for Daughters®,” he states.

Barry’s words of wisdom,

“There are an unlimited number of organizations to support. Choose what calls to you.”

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Abbie Bennett

RockRes Realty is so much more than your average real estate company. Annie Bennett and her team are dedicated to empowering their clients to achieve their real estate goals by providing them with accurate information, intelligent options, and a customized service to their clients based upon mutual loyalty and respect.

But there’s even more to this incredible agency. Through their desire to lead their community through integrity and compassion RockRes Realty has aligned themselves with Dolls for Daughters®. According to Annie, “It is important to remember everyone: the ‘first’ and the ‘last’. We know that Dolls for Daughters® aligns with these important things when we see the benefits it offers the community and others.”

Annie found out about Dolls for Daughters® through a friend several years ago, and says that Jessica’s strength amazed her. Since then, Annie knew that she wanted to figure out how she could help, and so began to donate her time and volunteer for the organization. Amongst her experiences in working with Dolls for Daughters®, her most memorable was the Dolls for Daughters® Tea Party in Belmar in 2012. Annie was able to bring her 2 daughters that day, and the three of them had an amazing day they could remember forever.

In her three years supporting Dolls for Daughters®, Annie has been to several of its fundraising events. This year she attended the bowling event and was on a team with her 2 daughters, who all had a blast! “It’s great to help raise money and have fun,” says Annie. In 2012, Annie volunteered at the Toy Shop and worked with the clean-up crew. Even as they began their clean-up, she says that the line was still long, as people waited very patiently knowing they were going to be getting something great for their kids. She was thrilled to watch the reactions that families had as they were able to receive gifts from Dolls for Daughters®.

RockRes Realty believes that you must have passion for what you do in business and in life. They believe that giving back to the community and its people is extremely important; which is why they support organizations that bring happiness and compassion to communities throughout Colorado. Dolls for Daughters®, is one of these because “they give back so much more than just things or stuff; they’re showing compassion and giving people joy. Those things are worth so much more than money! Those are the things that last a life time,” Annie says.

Annie’s tip on giving, “If an organization is instilling something more valuable than money: it’s important to give any amount; regardless of the actual amount. Even if it’s small; give what you can.”

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Laura Bean has supported Dolls for Daughters® for three years now and has helped the community really get running.  Her company, One Stop Operations, provides assistance to small businesses working to get on their feet.  So far, they have been able to help Dolls for Daughters® with the behind-the-scenes business aspects.  Laura Bean met Jessica Bachus at a networking event, and the two organizations have been linked ever since. 

1. How did you first learn about Dolls for Daughters®?

I first learned about Dolls for Daughters® when I met Jessica at a Certus Networking event, and quickly aligned myself with her.  I knew immediately that this was a cause I would like to fully support.

2. Why did you decide to offer support to Dolls for Daughters®?

I really wanted to help out in any way I could.  I volunteer from time to time at events at fundraisers for Dolls for Daughters®, but I extremely enjoy donating my online marketing services to help them get the best online exposure for the organization. 

3. How long has your business supported Dolls for Daughters®?  In what ways have you supported Dolls for Daughters®?

We have been connected with Dolls for Daughters® for the last three years.  Collectively, we provide social media marketing services, email marketing services, graphics design, and google ad campaign management.

4. What is your most memorable experience supporting Dolls for Daughters®?

I would definitely have to say that volunteering for the Beer Run was immensely fun.  We poured and passed out hundreds of beers to the runners, and the run donated a large part of the proceeds to Dolls for Daughters®.

5. Have you participated in any fundraising events that Dolls for Daughters® has held?

As I said, I participated in the Beer Run, and I would absolutely participate in other events that Dolls for Daughters® holds.

6. With so many organizations in need of support, what suggestions or advice do you have for other organizations? How might they choose an organization as well as decide the way(s) in which they will help?

Finding an organization that is local and close to you is a great reason to get involved.  That way, you are within close proximity and you can make sure you are making a difference in the community.  I think it is important to join a cause that is close to your heart, and support those who support you.  Jessica Bachus has been my BIGGEST supporter.  And who doesn’t love to put smiles on kids’ faces for Christmas??

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Andy Newland has been an enormous supporter of Dolls for Daughters® for quite a few years now.  A father to four children of his own, the organization means a lot to him.  Mr. Newland works with Hercules Industries, a company aimed to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy.  By pairing with Dolls for Daughters®, he is able to unite two communities both focused on bettering the world.

1. How did you first learn about Dolls for Daughters®?

I don’t remember exactly when I was introduced to Dolls for Daughters® but I believe it was through a recommendation from friends at NorthWestern Electric.

2. Why did you decide to offer support to Dolls for Daughters®?

Any organization supporting underprivileged children has a soft spot in my heart.  I have four children of my own and know what a blessing they are to me.

3. How long has your business supported Dolls for Daughters®?  In what ways have you supported Dolls for Daughters®?

We have been supporting Dolls for Daughters® for probably around five years.  We typically show our support through the annual golf tournament.

4. What is your most memorable experience supporting Dolls for Daughters®?

I just received a copy of the book Silly Sally’s Show and Tell.  I brought it home and before I knew it, my seven year old daughter had read it and stated sharing some really neat lessons that she learned.  So, not only has the organization helped less fortunate children but even just the story helps more fortunate children appreciate their blessings.

5. Have you participated in any fundraising events that Dolls for Daughters® has held?

I have not personally attended any events but have been happy to participate financially.

6. With so many organizations in need of support, what suggestions or advice do you have for other organizations? How might they choose an organization as well as decide the way(s) in which they will help?

It helps to clearly understand the mission of the organization and to see examples of how the organization is succeeding.  The sustainability and effectiveness of the group is key.

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  1. Bowl4Kidz fundraiser

    March 9 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  2. Tee It Up For Fun

    May 19 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  3. Golf4Kidz fundraiser

    June 7 @ 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
  4. Annual Bidz4Kidz Auction

    June 8 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  5. Give4Kidz Luncheon

    October 3 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm