Job Description: Board Member

Title: Member of the Board of Directors


  • Provide governance;
  • Represent Kenzi’s Causes to the community; and
  • In partnership with other board members, serve as ultimate legal authority for the organization.


  • Attend board meetings and or/teleconferences; currently second Tuesday of every month from 5pm-7pm.
  • Sit on one event committee each year and help with donation solicitation and securing sponsors for said event; attend event.
  • Make annual gifts to Kenzi’s Causes.
  • Become informed ambassadors in the broader community for Kenzi’s Causes.
  • Attendance is required at the Kenzi’s Causes Toy Shop the first Saturday in December from approx. 7:30am – 5:30pm.
  • Attendance is strongly encouraged at the Kenzi’s Causes Packz 4 Kidz event the second Saturday in August from approx. 7:30am – 3:30pm.
  • Periodically assess the environment and help develop the organization’s strategy in relation to its environment;
  • Annually review and approve annual plans, including budgets, for implementing this strategy;
  • Ensure that sufficient resources are present to accomplish the organization’s mission and to achieve its strategic goals;
  • Approve governance and organizational policies;
  • Support the Executive Director;
  • Annually review the performance of the Board and participate in steps to improve its performance;
  • Be assured that published reports properly reflect the operating results and financial condition of the organization; and
  • Review compliance with laws, policies and regulations applicable to Kenzi’s Causes.
  • Serve two-year terms, with renewal options.

Job Description: Board President

Title: President of the Board


  • As Chair of the Board, assure that the Board fulfills its responsibilities for the governance of Kenzi’s Causes;
  • Be a partner to the Executive Director, helping them to achieve Kenzi’s Causes mission; and
  • Optimize the relationship between the board and management.


  • Chair meetings of the Board;
  • Manage the board so that it functions effectively, interacts with management optimally, and fulfills all of its duties;
  • With the Executive Director, develop agendas;
  • With the Executive Director and Vice President, design composition of the Board Committees;
  • Determine whether Executive Committee meetings are necessary and convene the committee accordingly;
  • Assist the Executive Director in recruiting Board and other talent for whatever volunteer assignments are needed;
  • Reflect any concerns management has in regard to the role of the Board or individual directors;
  • Reflect to the Executive Director the concerns of the Board and other constituencies;
  • With the Executive Committee, prepare a review of the Executive Director and recommend salary;
  • Act as an additional set of eyes and ears; and
  • In partnership with the Executive Director, serve and as organizational spokesperson.


Job Description: Board Vice-President

Title: Board Vice-President


  • Ensures continuity in board leadership if the President is unavailable;
  • Provides for leadership succession as President-elect; and
  • Assists the President in other specified duties.


  • Acts as the President in his or her absence;
  • Seeks volunteers for committees and coordinates individual board member assignments;
  • Makes sure each committee has a chair, and stays in touch with chairs to be sure that their work is carried out; and
  • Identifies committee recommendations that should be presented to the full board.

Job Description: Treasurer

Title: Treasurer


  • Manages the board’s review of, and action related to, the board’s financial responsibilities.


  • Ensures that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board;
  • Regularly reports to board on key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health;
  • Is available to meet annually with the auditor; and
  • Ensures sound management and maximization of cash and investments.

Job Description: Secretary

Title: Secretary


  • Maintains records of the board and ensures effective management of the organization’s records.


  • Manages the minutes of board meetings – which will include: dates, time, location of meeting, list of those present and absent, items discussed, action items, reports presented, decisions made, and the manner of voting;
  • Distributes draft minutes to members shortly after each meeting;
  • The Secretary signs a copy of the final, approved minutes and ensures that this copy is maintained in the corporate records;
  • Reviews document management with Executive Director to ensure compliance with best-practice standards;
  • Acquires familiarity with foundational documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws); and
  • Provides reference to foundational documents during meetings when necessary.

Executive Committee Charter


  • Takes action on behalf of the Board of Directors in instances when it is not feasible to convene the full Board of Directors; and
  • Coordinates review of executive performance.


  • The Executive Committee will be convened by the Board President to take immediate action if timely measures must be undertaken between meetings of the Board of Directors or when it is impossible to convene the full board;
  • The Executive Committee will present its decisions at the next board meeting for ratification by the board;
  • The Executive Committee will conduct the initial phases of the Executive Director’s performance review;
  • The Executive Committee will present its recommendation concerning the Executive Director’s performance review and compensation adjustments to the board for discussion and comment; and
  • The Executive Committee will incorporate board comment into the Executive Performance Assessment and discuss the overall performance review with the Executive Director in a scheduled, dedicated meeting.

Advisory Board Member


Provide guidance and in an advisory function to the Executive Board of Directors, Represent Kenzi’s Causes to the community, Promote Kenzi’s Causes with personal/business networks through: 

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok
  • Employer Match – Charitable Giving Program through employer

Expectations – Responsibilities: 

  • Volunteer at 2 large Kenzi’s Causes Events: 
    • Packz 4 Kidz – Second Saturdays in August in Denver, Rifle and Colorado Springs. Second Sunday in August in Pueblo. 
    • Toy Shops – First Saturdays in December in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Rifle. Second Saturdays in December in Longmont and Pueblo.
  • Make 1 personal annual gift to Kenzi’s Causes ($100 Minimum)
  • Become informed ambassadors to the broader community for Kenzi’s Causes.
  • Support the Executive Director and Executive Board as available. 
  • Serve two-year term, with options to renew or apply for Executive Board positions.
  • 1 Comment, Share, like to a Kenzi’s Causes Post (At least once a month)
  • *Optional* Sign up for Kenzi’s Causes to be recipient of Amazon Smiles and/or King Soopers Gives

Additional Information

As an advisory board member, you will receive all of the information regarding of the activities of Kenzi’s Causes from:

  • Networking efforts with other business local leaders (Banking, Automotive, Financial, Recruiting, HR, Sales, and Operations).
  • Minutes from monthly board meetings
  • In-kind and financial results from events
  • Opportunity to join the Executive Board of Directors at additional events
    • Birthday Bash for Kenzi’s Families
    • Trunk-or-Treat
    • Easter egg hunt
    • K Club Events – Where our Male Members do activities with boys of our Kenzi’s Kidz Families
      • Fishing, Hiking, Sports Activities
  • Quarterly invite to a social event to connect and network with other board members and their families as well as introduce any prospective Advisory Board Members to Kenzi’s Causes 

Are you interested in joining our board?

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