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Packz 4 Kidz in Rifle

Packz 4 Kidz has grown and not only serves families in our Kenzi’s Kidz program but serves any child in need of new school supplies. As a former teacher for Denver Public Schools, our Founder saw first-hand children arriving on the first day of school without the necessary supplies to be successful and feel like everyone else. It is our goal this year to provide 200 low-income children with new backpacks full of school supplies to ensure they start the first day of school with the confidence and supplies they need to be successful.

Each child will be able to pick out a new backpack full of school supplies.  Water bottles and lunch boxes will be given out on a first come, first served basis as we cannot guarantee one for every child.
Having a backpack full of school supplies can help children to be well-prepared, organized, and confident as they embark on their academic journey.
  1. Preparedness: Children who have all of the necessary supplies for their classes are more prepared to participate in class activities and complete homework assignments.
  2. Organization: Having a backpack with all the necessary supplies can help children stay organized and reduce the likelihood of losing or misplacing items.
  3. Confidence: Starting the school year with a fully stocked backpack can give children a sense of pride and confidence, making them more eager to engage in their studies.
  4. Equality: Providing children with the supplies they need helps to level the playing field and ensure that all students have equal access to resources.
  5. Learning: School supplies such as pencils, paper, and textbooks are essential for learning and are necessary for children to fully participate in the educational process.

Packz 4 Kidz Rifle

This event is in person and children are recommended to attend to pick out their own backpacks. If children do not attend, a birth certificate for each child is required.

Thank You to All our Packz 4 Kidz Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Families served by our Kenzi’s Kidz program will receive backpacks yearly for their children. Other families needing assistance will be served on a first come, first served basis. Children need to attend to select their backpack or a birth certificate must be provided for children who are not attending. Children in ECE through – 12th grade will be served. An anonymous survey is required for entrance into the giveaway so we can get funding.

No, you do not have to be a resident of Colorado to receive services at this Packz 4 Kidz event. You can attend any of our events that are located near you. You may only attend one of the Packz 4 Kidz events per year, per family.


No, the event is first come, first served. A survey will be required to receive supplies for your child. Survey will be provided at the event.

Children are encouraged to attend but not required. If your children do not attend, you must have your photo ID and your children’s birth certificates.
One backpack per child filled with new school supplies.

  • You will need to bring a birth certificate for each of your children. We WILL NOT accept any other form of proof related to your child(ren).
  • You must bring your picture ID along with the birth certificates of each child.  The ID can be a driver’s license, passport, ID card, etc but it MUST have the parents first and last name and photo on it.