THANK YOU to ABdenver for being such amazing supporter

Raising funds for a non-profit organization is constant and continual.  We could not do what we do without the help and assistance of our generous sponsors.  With their partnerships, we are able to throw galas and host events where we can raise awareness and funds to help the kids and families of Denver.

Today we highlight our sponsor ABdenver.

If you’ve never heard of ABdenver, it is definitely worth your time to check out their website, www.abdenver.com, to see the beautiful digital artwork they’ve created.  They are a Denver and Minneapolis based online advertising agency with a focus on creating brand advocates, “artfully.”  The gorgeous imagery and the smart layouts shown all over their website attest to this artful side!  Some of ABdenver’s “gold stars” include holding the all-time fundraising record for United Way in Minneapolis as well as the attendance record at the National Western Centennial.  We love working with people who have shown such dedication to their causes and interests!

ABdenver first heard about Dolls for Daughters at our annual benefit a few years back.  They “felt the speakers had tremendous poise and spoke from the heard.  We sit through a lot of benefits and this one made me feel something.”  ABdenver says, “To quote the Little Prince, ‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.’  Dolls for Daughters helps the heart to smile.  If that’s not an artful organizational quality, we don’t know what is.  We’re tickled, therefore, to be advocates.”

ABdenver has worked with many organizations such as libraries, special needs, United Way, and many other non-profits, helping them raise funds and awareness.  Dolls for Daughters is the first organization they’ve worked with that is so focused on helping kids…”and joy.”  This year at our Annual Gala, ABdenver donated some “microchip cookies” for our schwag bags!  They had a table at our Auction and they commented:

“At the dinner three things stood out.

  1. The amount of the ask was appropriate.
  2. The live auction was not annoying, kinda folksy and even funny.
  3. It was timed just right and again, the main talk was very moving.

We will definitely do it again.”

And we’ll be honored to have them back!

We understand that there are many organizations which our sponsors could be a part of, ABdenver works with us because we align with their values.  In their own words, “The best partnerships are those that focus on helping the non-profit “get the word out” in what we might call an “invasive” fashion. You need a message that invades the public conscience and becomes hard to forget.  Some businesses support a charity to get their own name out there. Nothing wrong with that. It’s more fun to get the charity out there–in unorthodox ways. It can translate to real star power.”

It is truly an honor to have such amazing, like-minded businesses championing for us and our cause.  Sharing the vision of helping the kids and families in Denver allows our work together to be uplifting and prosperous for all involved.

We’d like to give another huge THANK YOU to ABdenver for being such amazing and generous sponsors.  We look forward to working with you more!