Knocking It Out of the Park for Kenzi’s Kidz

Since the beginning, Kenzi’s Kidz has stood for creating stable environments for children in Colorado – a safe haven for low-income families so that their kids have the best possible chance for success in school and at home.

The Colorado Rockies have always been a great outing for families – a place to breathe in the fresh air, root for the home team, and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. Our Board Member Tonya Bradshaw organized a trip to the stadium so families in the program and our alumni families could have a night out at a baseball game, something many of them have never done before or are unable to do because of the cost.

The Colorado Rockies pitched in to ensure that families in our Kenzi’s Kidz program were able to attend the Rockies vs the Giants. Just our luck – the Rockies won 6 to 5!  With more than 50 people huddled in the rain, our families and board members, along with their friends and families, enjoyed some time together and some baseball. We are deeply appreciative of everyone’s efforts that helped make this outing a success.

What a fantastic day for the Rockies AND Kenzi’s Kidz!!