The Power of a Few

Life can be tough for any of us, but it can be especially difficult when you’re a single mother, trying to make ends meet, and are hit with challenges that have the potential to completely derail you.  That’s where Kenzi’s Kidz comes in, to help solve the problem and mitigate what could have been a disastrous situation.

On Friday, June 3rd, we were able to do just this!

A mom in our program needed to get her car repaired.  Without this transportation, she couldn’t get to and from work and school and couldn’t transport her three children.  The problem was the repair cost $1,194.  The mom used the remaining funds in her Kenzi’s Kidz account, but it wasn’t enough to cover the cost.  Fortunately, we had an amazing donor step up and cover the difference!  Not to mention, he worked with a local auto company to get a deal on labor and parts for us.  Without this generous donor’s time and financial assistance, this mom would not have been able to get the repairs she needed.

It’s times like this, when we are able to turn a possible disastrous problem into a small passing issue, that I see the amazing impact we have in the families lives that we serve.  Kenzi’s Kidz gives a helping hand to these families who are working hard to support and care for their children.  Sometimes all it takes is one caring, able person to be a donor that makes a huge difference in the life of a struggling family.